Is your Life Sciences business seeking a complete IT & Security Partner?
We’ve got managed IT services down to a science.
Why settle for insufficient service when you could choose our all-encompassing team to be your trusted partner?

Whether you are a newly established biotechnology startup looking to build your IT foundation or a fully mature enterprise seeking to augment your current internal IT team, we’ve got you covered. 

Between maintaining compliance to strict industry standards and actualizing the mission of your firm, you need experts to cost-effectively streamline your managed IT solutions to improve efficiency and results. 

Unlike our competitors, we don’t participate in problematic customer experiences such as padding estimated hours, where hours that are not used simply disappear. Here at Bytagig, we believe that if you do not use up your estimated project hours, you can easily carry the balance forward to new projects or other Bytagig services. In addition, we stray from using inexperienced ‘strategy’ engineers that design only partial solutions with unnecessary upsells on details that could be converged with other services.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, but available wherever you need us to be, Bytagig proudly assists Life Sciences firms nationwide - for a free consultation, contact us today.

We’ll work with you to build a customized plan and budget.

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How many virtual servers do you have? (hosted in your office, MSP data center, cloud, or a combination)

How can Bytagig help my Life Sciences business?

We specialize in building environments that are heavily integrated via Single Sign-On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication, and automatic user provisioning. Having invested resources into building solutions that ensure employee productivity, we have experience deploying informatics solutions into customer AWS environments such as Schrodinger’s LiveDesign & Maestro (Self-hosted in AWS), Scinamic, PerkinElmer Biotech Bundle, and CERTARA’s D360. We also deploy client-side software, ChemDraw, Graphpad Prism, Scinamic, and other solutions to all computers via our automated RMM scripting tools.

Most importantly, our significant focus is on security and compliance. As many biotechs aspire to go public, we leverage our partnerships with Smarsh, ThreatLocker, SentinelOne, Huntress Labs, Clumio, Egnyte, and more to ensure proper data retention in immutable formats to ultimately establish proper security complete with all compliance documentation.

Secure & Compliant

Your security and compliance requirements are always our top priority. We pride ourselves on staying on top of both the market and industry by investing resources into tracking the latest HIPAA, FDA, and industry standards and guidelines to ensure your firm’s compliance with all regulations.

Dedicated IT Providers

Bytagig frees up your team’s time and energy by taking comprehensive care of all things IT-related for your business. You’ll receive expert advice, valuable insight, and newfound peace of mind knowing that your business is in the securest of hands.
Offering an IT strategy that is forward-thinking and inclusive of your entire business ecosystem, Bytagig is the all-in-one solution for Life Sciences businesses like yours. Backed by our team of seasoned IT consulting professionals, your business is ready to reach the next level.
What services may I receive?

We service your firm’s unique needs by providing:

  •  A fully-staffed help desk and system administration team for quick support 24/7 with all your day to day IT needs
  • ​Backups and archives of all critical services including email, file, computer, and executive endpoints that meet IRS requirements and SOX legislation
  • ​Complete third-party assistance for IT project management, ranging from daily troubleshooting to more complex issues
  • ​Ironclad cybersecurity against data breaches and digital attacks on your sensitive data sets and confidential records
  • ​​HIPAA, FDA, and general industry compliance with all regulations
  • ​A comprehensive IT systems analysis along with expert recommendations via a deep diagnostic dive through your existing IT systems to revitalize efficiency for all future practices
  • ​​Digestible reports and perceptive data analytics to aid recognition of critical areas in need of improvement
  • ​​Desktop, server, and website setup and support to install, build, or maintain your infrastructure and digital presence
  • ​SOX & IRS compliant backup and archives of all critical services, including email and computer resources
  • ​Followed cybersecurity and compliance frameworks such as NIST-CSF, ISO, and more
Recommendations From Customers


“Bytagig is the third IT company we have used and are definitely the best. John and team are a great fit for us as a smaller company. The service and value are excellent.”


“Bytagig gives their customers the attention that larger IT companies do not. They treat your business as a priority no matter how big your company is. I would highly recommend John and his team to any company looking for new IT systems and business systems set up. They provide top customer service to their clients!”
The size of your company should not determine your success – and in today’s digital-driven economy, IT services are necessary. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, startup, or small company, Bytagig provides versatile, economic answers to your IT problems.

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